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ROBOTIS Dynamixel XL-320
Dynamixel-X Mini Servo Robot Actuator

ROBOTIS Dynamixel XL-320

ROBOTIS Dynamixel XL-320 Mini Servo Robot Actuator

Our Price: $29.90

Package Components

  • XL-320
  • 3P Cable 130mm (XL320 exclusive)



Dynamixel is a robot exclusive smart actuator with fully integrated DC Motor + Reduction Gearhead + Controller + Driver + Network in one DC servo module.

The Dynamixel XL-320 servo from ROBOTIS is so small you might mistake it for an ordinary hobby servo, but you would be missing out! Despite its diminutive size, it is actually one of the newest models in the Dynamixel robot servo line from ROBOTIS.

Each XL-320 can produce up to 0.39 N-m (55 in-oz) of torque and rotate at 114 RPM in precisely controlled 0.29° increments. For its size (24 x 36 x 27 mm) and weight (16.7 g) there is no other servo that can compete with the XL-320 in performance and durability. The XL-320 has all the most important features of larger Dynamixel servos in a much smaller package.

Like other Dynamixel Robot Actuators, XL-320 servos are network driven using the TTL communication protocol, which means they can each be addressed with a unique ID. By default, each servo come set to ID #1 and at 1 Mbps baud rate. Be sure to change those to suit your needs if you connect more than one XL-320 together. The ID can be set dynamically, making it easy for users to configure their actuators for their specific robot. The 100 mm cable included with each servo can be used to daisy chain the servos for easy construction of complex humanoid robots like the DARWIN Mini  which uses 16 XL-320 servos to achieve amazing life-like movements and gestures.

Unlike the other Dynamixel robot servos, the XL-320 uses a different 3P connector. Because of this, the only currently supported controller is the OpenCM9.04-C. The XL-320 is data compatible with other ROBOTIS controllers, however, the power requirements and cable connectors are different so if you don't want to use the OpenCM9.04-C you may be able to hack together your own solution. The OpenCM9.04-C used in the DARWIN MINI is compatible but is sold separately.

  • XL-320 has high performance and precise control feature compared to its compact size.
  • Uses TTL communication with daisy chain feature to help build small robots easily.
  • High reliability and accuracy for position control with PID control.
  • Built-in clutch for reduction gear protection to improve durability and safety.
  • 3 color LED can be programmed by users for fancier display when using the motor.

Package Components

  • XL-320
  • 3P Cable 130mm (XL320 exclusive)

Compatible Products

  • Controller: OpenCM9.04A, B, C
  • Frame: 6mm plates
    *NOT compatible with CM-100 / 100A / CM-200.

Factory Default Settings

  • ID: 1
  • Baud Rate: 1Mbps

(User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)


Supports TTL Communication, and DOES NOT support 3P cable used in AX-series. 

Has similar shape and dimension as the Servo Motor (SM-10), but is NOT the same, so please check the drawings before purchase (Different size, voltage, connector).

XL-320 uses Dynamixel 2.0 protocol. Please visit the e-Manual page first to check the usage.


Basic Features

  • Improved Torque, Compact Size
  • Enhanced Durability and Expandability
  • Hollow Back Case Minimizes Cable Stress (3-way-routing)
  • Direct Screw Assembly to the Case (without Nut Insert)
  • Improved Heat Sink Featuring an Aluminum Case

Various Control Functions

  • 6 Operating Modes
  • Current-Based Torque Control (4096 steps, 2.69mA/step)
  • Profile Control for Smooth Motion Planning
  • Trajectory Data and Moving Status (In-Position, Following Error, etc.)
  • Energy Saving (Reduced Current from 100mA to 40mA)


Input Voltage Min: 6.0V
Recommended: 7.4V
Max: 8.4V
Performance Characteristics Voltage: 7.4V
Stall Torque: 0.39N·m
Stall Current: 1.1A
No Load Speed: 114.0rpm
No Load Current: 0.18A
Continuous Operation Voltage: -
Torque: -
Speed: -
Current: -
Resolution Resolution [deg/pulse]: 0.2930
Step [pulse]: 1,024
Angle [degree]: 300
Position Sensor Potentiometer
Operating Temperature Min: -5 °C
Max: 65 °C
Motor Cored
Baud Rate Min: 7,343 bps
Max: 1,000,000 bps
Control Algorithm PID
Gear Type Spur
Gear Material Engineering Plastic
Case Material Engineering Plastic
Dimensions (WxHxD) 0.94 x 1.42 x 1.06 inch (24 x 36 x 27 mm)
Weight 0.59oz (16.70g)
Gear Ratio 238 : 1
Command Signal Digital Packet
Protocol Type Half duplex Asynchronous
Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
Link (Physical) TTL Level Multi Drop Bus
ID 0 ~ 252
Feedback Position, Temperature, Load, Input Voltage, etc
Protocol version Protocol 2.0
Operating Mode / Angle Wheel Mode:Endless turn
Joint Mode:300 [deg]
Output -
Standby Current 15 mA

Dynamixel SDK:

Dynamixel SDK

Provides various control environment just like Dynamixel

Dynamixel SDK is a software development kit that provides Dynamixel control functions using packet communication. The API of Dynamixel SDK is designed for Dynamixel actuators and Dynamixel-based platforms. You need to be familiar with C/C++ programming language for right use of the software. This e-Manual provides comprehensive information on ROBOTIS products and applications.

Supported Protocols

To control Dynamixel, communication should be established according to the protocol of Dynamixel. There are versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the Dynamixel protocol. The Dynamixel SDK supports both, and the user can use both protocols simultaneously using the Dynamixel SDK. Refer to the following manuals for details on the protocols.

  • Dynamixel Protocol 1.0
  • Dynamixel Protocol 2.0 (Recommended protocoltype)

Supported Devices

The Dynamixel SDK can be used on PCs such as desktops or laptops, as well as on tablets, and also on SBCs like Raspberry Pi and UpBoards. In addition, it can be used with embedded boards that support the Arduino IDE. Dynamixel uses TTL and RS485 communication. In order to use computer and Dynamixel, we recommend USB2Dynamixel or U2D2 as interface device.

Supported Operating Systems

The Dynamixel SDK supports all three operating systems: Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Supported Languages

The Dynamixel SDK supports various programming languages: C, C++, C#, Python, Java, MATLAB and LabVIEW.
In addition, Dynamixel SDK supports ROS, so it can be used as ROS library using C++ or Python modules.

  • C: *Dynamic library and source code of this library and examples
  • C#, Java, MATLAB, LabVIEW: Support based on dynamic library using C language
  • C++: *Dynamic library and source code of this library and examples
  • Python: Python module and examples
  • ROS: ROS library using C++ and Python modules

(* Dynamic library (*.dll, *.so, and *.dylib files) / .dll: dynamic-link library on Windows / .so: shared object on Linux / .dylib: dynamic library on macOS)

Dynamixel SDK


Pricing Notes:

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ROBOTIS Products
ROBOTIS Dynamixel XL-320 Mini Servo Robot Actuator
Our Price: $29.90